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Online Wedding Albums

Practical innovations for newlyweds and those planning to get married are online wedding albums. You don't have to wait for guests to drop by at your house to be able to show off your wedding pictures.

You don't actually have to do away with the traditional wedding albums, but online wedding albums can be a useful complement to your hardcopy. You can have a hand in designing it and your guests can immediately view it as soon as it's set up.

Another great thing about it is that family and friends can view wedding albums online, select the photographs they like, and order prints. These photos will then be promptly delivered to their doorstep.

If you want to save money, you can subscribe to a free service for online wedding albums where you can post your photos for a limited time. As soon as you have uploaded photos and designed your website, you can immediately inform your guests about it by sending e-mails en masse.

If you want to post them indefinitely, you can find terrific sites that host online wedding albums for a monthly or yearly fee. They're quite easy to work with, and as long as you know how to upload photos and navigate with a mouse, you're all set.

Online wedding albums are usually friendly and most have pre-set templates which you can use. You can also create your own designs and set slideshows to your choice of music.

You can have a recording of the music played during your wedding and use this as your background music for any online wedding albums you would eventually create.

You can have a lot of fun experimenting with the various backgrounds, fonts, and patterns used for online wedding albums. These easy-to-use programs have drag-and-drop capabilities, so even folks who are not too familiar with how websites work can easily create their online wedding albums. Some even allow you to repair some of your photos or add special effects.

In fact, creating one can be as easy as - if not easier than - putting a scrapbook together. With online wedding albums, you can create captions and add other fantastic photographs with nature and wedding themes to enhance your pages.

Online wedding albums can save you a bundle before and after the wedding. Since most everyone now has Internet access, you can send your announcements to your bridesmaids or your groomsmen via the site.

You can even invite relatives to join in and help generate excitement for the big day. Online wedding albums and engagement announcements over the Internet can be great tools for any couple-to-be. These are extremely useful for couples who will be tying the knot in one city while their guests will be coming from another city.

You can view amazing online wedding albums on They can be accessed with a password which you can disseminate to your guests. Usually, your professional photographer will also offer this service, but otherwise, you can simply upload your photos from a CD and design the site yourself.

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