Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums: Keep Your Memories Alive

Wedding albums serve as showcases for that most memorable day in your life. It should thus be presentable, elegant, and reflective of you and your husband's personal tastes.

You can't merely purchase an ordinary photo album to keep your wedding photos in. Wedding albums have to have classy covers and some are even embossed or have gilt frames on the front in which to insert the couple's individual photos.

Online, you can shop for wedding albums and find just the right one for you. White wedding albums are all-time favorites, but couples can have wedding albums made in their motif.

There are types with covers wrapped in plush fabrics such as silk or shantung. Some are also padded, so they're both lovely to look at and nice to hold. Pages are usually separated by vellum to protect the photos.

Professional-quality wedding albums are made of cardboard or plastic pages that serve as mats for the photos. For custom-made wedding albums, the photos are fixed and are already set. However, you can order bare wedding albums and insert the photos yourself. The manufacturer would supply you with archival tape to hold your photographs in place.

Different types of wedding albums can accomodate photos of various sizes. There are those that hold 8" x 10" prints, some hold a combination of 8" x 10" and smaller 5" x 7" photos, and others can include 4" x 6" photos and even proofs.

Apart from the pages where you insert the pictures, they can also have extra pages on which you can attach the wedding invitation. There are also wedding albums with special pages for recording guest information and gifts received.

If you are choosing from custom-made wedding albums, you can request for an "Our Honeymoon" page and perhaps even a space for notes about your First Wedding Anniversary.

Wedding albums can also be of the scrapbook type, to give you a free hand in the placement of your photos. High-quality wedding albums under this type cost around $120. The Putz Black Leather Gold Leaf Wedding Scrapbook from, for instance, has constantly won first place in the respected German Handcraft, Design and Handwork competition held in Hamburg.

It has an opulent leather cover which has been smoothened to obtain a supple and exquisite texture. The word "Wedding" is stamped on its gold leaf-enhanced cover. There are 50 acid-free sheets with patterned vellum pages in between them to protect your precious photos.

It also has filler strips interspersed within the album's spine to prevent yawning when the pages become filled with photographs. The page areas which can be used measure 9 ½" x 11".

Carefully selected wedding albums are meant to be your treasure trove of memories and should last a long time. You should therefore choose one that is durable and is made from the finest materials. In addition, handle your album with care and clean it after each time it is handled. Return it into its box to keep dust off and store it away from direct sunlight.